Microstock FAQ

The Microstock Photography FAQ is here to provide you with answers to your questions, photography tips, helpful tricks, professional advice, photo lessons and more.  As we gather this information, we will post it here.  For more helpful sites, check out the Microstock Directory.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form here.  We try to respond quickly to all submissions.  As common questions come in, we will post them here with answers.

Can you really make a living taking microstock pictures?
Yes, most definitely. Are you going to overnight? No. But there are many people that have quit their day jobs in as little as a year or so. It really depends on how well you learn and how hard you work.

How do I get started selling my photos?
Each agency will have a sign up page where you create your account and get started uploading. For more information about how to get started, see the Sell Your Photos section of the site.

Do I need a big fancy camera to get started in microstock?
No.  Definitely not to get started.  Most 12MP (megapixel) or higher cameras can get you started, but not all will produce nice noise free images.  I recommend a basic DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera.  Check out our recommended cameras section to see some good starter cameras.

Can I sell photos on MicrostockPhotography.com?
No.  We do not have any plans to sell photos from this site.  We do though list many of the best sites to list your images with, and have even more sites in the Microstock Directory that allow you to sell your work.  Start your search here.

Can anyone sell their photos?
Yes and no.  Anyone can sign up and try to get their images listed with an agency; but not everyone is cut out to be a microstock photographer.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.  The best candidate is someone who already knows their way around a camera or has the passion to learn.  See the Sell Your Photos section for more information about who should and what to submit.

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