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If you enjoy photography, you need to know about microstock photography.  This relativity new photo industry has opened many doors for photographers all over the world.

A passionate person, be it beginner or professional, can build quite a large portfolio of wonderful images in a short period of time.  Below are some of the top microstock sites in the world.

It may not sounds like much after reading, but with multiple downloads a day per image, it adds up quick.  There are many photographers making a great living shooting microstock only.  Don’t sit around collecting photos on your hard drive.  Visit these sites to get in the game.  It could be the best career move you ever made.

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Microstock Agencies that Sell Your Photos:

DepositPhotos – GET STARTED HERE. Money adds up fast once you get a decent size portfolio online. Its one of the top paying sites (to many it is THE top paying site). I would recommend this as your first site to get started.

Shutterstock – One of the oldest microstock photography sites and a great earner.  Many people have Shutterstock as their top performing site.

Dreamstime – Not real picky, but picky. Another great site to start selling your photos online.

BigStockPhoto – Good sales. Not too picky. Another good micro stock photo site to sell at.


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